Mission-Driven Solutions

Our integrated design, engineering, professional, and specialty services allow us to serve as your single source provider. This unique composition enables us to exercise unparalleled collaboration, responsiveness, transparency, and control on initiatives of every scale and technical complexity.

The face of modern construction has changed over the past several years with D-B (design-build) and EPCM (engineering, procurement, and construction management) delivery methods gaining significant traction over traditional project approaches. As an owner, the benefits of working with a single source of responsibility partner, for all aspects of a project, cannot be understated.

We have found that many companies still hold the outdated notion that the end of the construction phase is an owner’s objective. However, achieving a particular function, operation, or capacity is quite often the true mission behind a project. A/Z understands this mindset, and we have developed our services platform to help achieve your mission. Our ability to fulfill your total needs and to consistently deliver predictable results is made possible by our Mission-Driven Solution (MDS) approach. MDS goes far beyond traditional project delivery. We possess the leadership and resources to manage technically complex projects through all phases—initial concept, design development, construction, and into an integrated facility maintenance solution if desired.

Our ability to implement a comprehensive platform like MDS is founded in our unique combination of in-house capabilities. Our team is organized into distinct centers of excellence that include design / engineering, safety, scheduling, procurement, and quality assurance / control. These groups thrive when managing projects in highly technical locations such as regulated and controlled facilities, containment areas, and high-security settings.

Benefits of MDS

Single-Source Responsibility
When working with a single multidisciplinary team like A/Z, you can expect unprecedented levels of communication, coordination, and accountability. This platform allows all team members to focus on common goals. Additionally, because talented team members are right at our fingertips working for us, we can move them onto the project at the precise moment they are needed, and off the project as well, providing  the most efficient and cost effective approach to achieving your mission.

Program Optimization
Ensuring a predictable outcome and reducing risk for our clients are objectives we take seriously. By coordinating upfront planning and pre-construction with the design and engineering effort, A/Z is able to consistently make these goals a reality. During these upfront efforts, we focus on many concurrent activities and areas of study that include:

  • Program Conceptual Design Considerations
  • Permitting & Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Code Compliance & Operational Requirements
  • Detailed Design & Engineering
  • Project / Program Schedule
  • Budgeting & Detailed Cost Estimating
  • Sustainability & Environmental Objectives
  • Value Engineering & Life Cycle Considerations
  • Constructability & BIM Utilization Benefits
  • Enhanced Safety Planning
  • Assessment of Maintenance Needs & Considerations
  • Procurement & Material Management
  • Quality Assurance / Quality Control
  • Financial Governance

We prefer to integrate our construction expertise with our design / engineering planning as early as possible in the development of a project. That way, our execution plan is in the context within which we will design, procure and construct. This results in a more efficient and well-planned project delivery solution.

Industry Studies
By supporting the operational and construction interests during the project design phase, we can typically reduce the project timeline of a conventional design-bid-build approach. It has been demonstrated time and again within the industry that there can be significant project cost savings associated with implementing a D-B / EPCM approach.

Value-Added Estimating
During all phases of the project, A/Z relies heavily on its experienced estimating and scheduling personnel to closely predict and monitor the cost and progress of the project. In fact, our team of multi-disciplinary estimating professionals is one of the greatest sources of value that A/Z uniquely brings to our clients. Each discipline-specific estimator can create detailed take-offs, both quantitatively and qualitatively per scope of work, based on their historical knowledge. This group interacts with the market every day and benefits from real-time pricing experiences. By contrast, many of our peers use only industry unit assemblies with conservative productivity factors and rely on outside subcontractors to support budgeting efforts. At A/Z, we can provide an estimating team that understands the current competitive market labor productivity factors and actual material buy prices, not budget prices.

Comprehensive planning, systematic scheduling, and careful monitoring of all elements of the work are essential to modern projects. By taking the time to develop a comprehensive understanding of our clients’ goals and operational requirements, we are able to effectively prepare a critical path method (CPM) master project schedule that can be easily monitored for compliance. The CPM master schedule will illustrate and monitor the overall project strategy, objectives, and activities, which are set to a specific earned-value time scale.

Our internal teams can easily communicate and establish the critical priorities with a project and react accordingly. We can expedite and control the shop drawing and submittal process, which can eliminate lengthy processing times and potential project impacts. Again, this is only one example of our ability to control and manage project risk internally under the MDS approach.

MDS Value

We integrate our clients into the MDS project team with a focus on understanding and supporting their missions. Our professionals work with the latest in technology, industry best practices, and regulatory compliance guidelines to support our clients and their facilities. Flexibility and accountability with the services we offer are the main tenets behind our client-centric approach. Our unique combination of in-house services provides A/Z with the distinct advantage of being able to seamlessly support our clients’ needs as they arise throughout the course of their programs. With a current, pre-established understanding of clients’ operating cultures, operational requirements, and internal processes, there is great potential to save time and money through the utilization of a single source provider like A/Z.

Using our construction roots and relevant experience, our innovative MDS process truly provides a holistic approach in meeting our clients’ needs through common goals.