Support Services

The backbone behind our operations, A/Z employs dedicated team members in distinct centers of excellence to support our teams in the field.

Director of Procurement

Neal Sabourin

Team Member Overview:
A/Z’s Procurement Department is a driving force behind our projects of every scale and complexity, and Neal Sabourin, our Director of Procurement, is responsible for overseeing its operation. Under his leadership, the team is responsible for building relationships with subcontractors and vendors, delivering on our diverse procurement goals, and ensuring that our clients are earning the most value from their projects.

Neal’s efforts are facilitated by nearly three decades of relevant experience on projects of every scale across the regional marketplace. His background includes major new construction and building renovations for clients in the science and technology, manufacturing, education, healthcare, hospitality, and utility sectors.  Prior to joining A/Z, Neal was a member of the Consigli Construction team. In addition to his purchasing experience, he has also spent many years in the field as a project manager.

• 29 years of industry experience
• Team member since 2018
• B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
• LEED AP Building Design + Construction
• OSHA 30-Hour Certified

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