I am writing to let you know how relieved I am that A/Z is on-site here at Wesleyan. I was away last week, but I had the stress of 3 projects beginning on the same day while I was gone. A/Z is responsible for two of those projects and of course they were flawless while I was gone. A/Z continues to make me and Wesleyan proud because of your continued commitment to the highest safety standards…it is an example for us all.

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Mr. Alan Rubacha

Wesleyan University, Director of Physical Plant

As I have written in the past about the superior performance of the A/Z crew, I find this to be a trend that continues. I would like to tell you both what an outstanding job has been done here at Allyn’s Point…I believe that the relationship that has taken shape between the A/Z folks on-site and the AmSty team is a genuine champion.

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Mr. Joseph Koehler

Americas Styrenics, Contract Administrator

As we are wrapping up the project, I want to thank you and your team for an excellent project! It was a challenging project to take a building that has been out of use and prepare it for 80 scientists and office colleagues, but with the A/Z organization and “get it done” approach, your team made it look easy.

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Mr. Matt Schute

Pfizer, Facilities Solutions

As you know, A/Z has recently wrapped up several projects here at NRG Middletown Power. With that, I want to let you know that I am extremely satisfied with both the project outcome and all the A/Z employees who have worked on-site…they always work safely, demonstrate a high skill level, and adhere to NRG’s policies and procedures. It’s a pleasure to have you working here.

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Mr. Gary Scholl

NRG, Supervisor

Time and time again we have chosen A/Z Corporation as our partner for some of our largest or critical development projects. Having a business partner that understands how to develop and construct projects within an 7/24/365 operating resort is critical to our ongoing business. It has been a pleasure working with A/Z in our latest Great Cedar Hotel / Casino concourse development project. This projects success is a testament their value and why we have maintained a 25 year business relationship with A/Z.

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Mr. Chris O'Connell

Foxwoods Resort Casino, VP of Development and Resort Services

With the project coming to a close, I just wanted to extend our thanks to all that were involved. The A/Z team did an exceptional job coordinating each and every step with our group here in Building 38... the results of this project could not have turned out better!

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Mr. Rob Petryk

Sanofi, Project Manager

A word of thanks; A/Z’s team really did an awesome job of supporting me with this project. This was not your typical job as you know and there was a lot of focus and attention on the level of contractor quality, standards and performance from Amgen. I sincerely appreciate all of your efforts and commitments to meeting our expectations and requirements.

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Mr. Kevin Quinn

Amgen, Senior Engineer

I wanted to let you know that everyone at DSM has been impressed with the work A/Z has done so far at DSM this year as well as your level of cooperation and planning for this shutdown.... It will certainly open up doors for future projects in the pipeline (no pun intended). Thanks for the help along the way.

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Mr. Eric Beauregard

DSM NeoResins, Production Manager

Thank you to A/Z Corporation for the exemplary work that they have done for me over the past year. In the past year, we have had many challenges in the Groton campus with an extreme amount of pressure in completing projects that satisfy the real estate and direction Pfizer has placed upon us. Your team has done an outstanding job in helping me meet all of my deliverables in a quick and efficient way.

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Mr. Lou Falcon

Pfizer, Senior Project Manager

I wanted to let you know that the A/Z crew did an outstanding job restoring power to our Graving Dock. This was not an easy task since the distribution system was subjected to the worst flooding since it was originally installed. They are to be commended for their close teamwork with the EB during the restoration process.

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Mr. Michael Dwyer

General Dynamics Electric Boat, Facilities

Your team did an excellent job. The inspector as well as myself were very happy with their work. They took pride in their work and they worked like professionals, the work was very neat, everything was labeled and their work area was always clean when they left. I look forward to working with them in the future.

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Mr. Paul Montiminy

Foxwoods Resort Casino, Engineering Project Manager

I just wanted to convey my thanks to you and the team you have in place at Quonset Point. The support I have received from [your team] has exceeded expectations. In addition to the embedment installation which has gone very well to date, your team has supported multiple site visits from my Navy customers as well as from Swiss and UK industry, all who have been very impressed with the site progress and the safety record you have demonstrated.

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Mr. John Ledger

General Dynamics Electric Boat, Program Manager

Your team did an excellent job supporting the plant in some very difficult working conditions. Over the past couple of weeks they responded to several call-ins of all hours of the night. They were able to keep a positive attitude and get the job done.

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Mr. Stephen Price

Covanta Energy, Maintenance Supervisor

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for A/Z’s support and the personnel assigned to the project...[your team] has worked well with DCS, the agency, the design team, and the general contractor. They represent A/Z with integrity and demonstrate the professional standards of the company.

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Mr. Michael Rice

State of CT DCS, Project Manager

Thanks for always being there when I need your expertise. I realize that some of the jobs I have had you do are different then some of the things you do and I have always marveled at your professionalism, and timely manner in getting the job done.

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Mr. Nick Tucker

Mystic Aquarium, Senior Life Support Technician

I have opened six major hotels in by career and this hotel opening was the smoothest by far. Thank you for a job well done!

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Mr. Abu F. Hoque

Mohegan Sun Vice President of Hotel Operations