Utilities & Distributed Generation

Our Core Competencies

Utility Plants

Continuous, reliable utility service is a standard expectation for the clients we service. A/Z has the technical expertise to provide a full range of services, from constructing new utility plants to integrating new, efficient technologies within existing plants. We will bring cost effectiveness and efficiency to the programs we support with a commitment towards environmental responsibility and life safety.

Combined Heat & Power

Combined Heat and Power (CHP), also known as cogeneration and trigeneration, has tremendous potential to reduce operating costs and dependence from local utility providers. Our CHP plant installations reduce carbon footprint and annual energy costs and improve power system reliability. We have partnered with leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide cost-effective solutions for successful CHP projects. By carefully evaluating our clients’ current and future energy usages, we can offer recommendations on optimizing energy strategies within mission critical sites.

Alternative Energy Solutions

Environmental responsibility and utility cost have become a primary focus within the industry today. A/Z continues to embrace technology accelerators that can support carbon footprint reduction and utility usage efficiencies. Today, A/Z is supporting many organizations with sustainable facility solutions that include CHP, renewable energy, fuel cells, solar technology, specialty equipment replacement for energy optimization, and lighting retrofits. Our team has supported primary owners and developers as well as energy supply companies (ESCOs) with alternative energy-saving programs.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

It’s essential that water / wastewater treatment facilities and the associated distribution systems provide effective, reliable service to the businesses and communities they serve. For over two decades, A/Z has provided crucial construction services for municipal and private facilities, including controls, pumping, metering stations, lift stations, piping distribution, filtration plant upgrades, and high-purity watering systems. Our team handles on-site trade management and system installations, including water / wastewater treatment solutions that support both regulatory compliance and environmental responsibility. Our ability to serve as a single-source for most installations and upgrade programs ensures that field performance and quality rest with a proven service provider.

Power Distribution & Substations

With over 40 years of experience in power distribution and substation construction at voltages up to 69 kV, A/Z has the experience and resources to upgrade, maintain, and repair critical power distribution systems. This experience spans medium voltage cable installation, splicing, and terminations. Our technicians have completed training with all major splice and termination manufacturers, including Raychem, 3M, Cooper Industries, and Elastimold. In addition, we’re also an MVPower Certified Contractor, allowing us to offer 20-year warranties on all splices and terminations. With our in-house electrical and civil services, A/Z coordinates the entire process of rigging, setting, and testing distribution equipment, from duct banks and equipment pads, to vaults, ground grids, and final witness testing.

Emergency Standby Solutions

Business, productivity, and client satisfaction depend on uninterruptable utility services, and it’s essential that outages and unplanned shutdowns are managed efficiently – regardless of the environment they impact. Our in-house self-perform capabilities allow us to react quickly to any situation and the ability to deliver comprehensive, effective emergency standby solutions. Whether it’s restoring power, HVAC, steam, or water service, we understand utility procedures and protocols and are committed to partnering with our clients to rapidly deploy effective solutions.

HVAC & Chillers

We understand the importance of reliable HVAC and chilled water systems as it relates to supporting critical facility operations. We recognize that reliable and effective HVAC systems require not only temperature control, but also humidity control and filtration to ensure overall air quality. Chilled water or glycol systems are used for space cooling, but are also prevalent in many other industry-specific applications.

HVAC systems can be very complex and require the integration of boilers, chillers, air handling units (AHU), pumps, and control systems in order to allow them to work simultaneously and efficiently. Building management systems (BMS) and process control systems ensure operational parameters are maintained within tolerance and compliance with applicable regulatory agency requirements and accepted industry best-practices such as cGMP, JHACO ASHRAE, and ASHE to name a few. A/Z can provide a single-source solution to support a wide range of assignments, including routine maintenance, existing equipment energy analysis, equipment upgrades, and major capital project initiatives.

Outage Support

Whether it’s a scheduled event or an unplanned shutdown, A/Z has the resources and experience to respond quickly to any outage situation. We can rapidly mobilize teams of licensed electricians, certified welders, pipefitters, insulators, carpenters, and laborers to ensure our clients’ facilities are back online fast. We also offer project managers, engineers, and safety personnel to assist our clients during high-risk periods. With our 3D BIM modeling capabilities, CPM scheduling, and procurement services, we can assist in pre-planning so that scheduled outages run without impact or surprises.

Distributed Generation Utilities

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