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    University of Connecticut
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  • Location

    Mansfield, CT

A/Z provided engineering services for the development of an electrical microgrid distribution system for the University of Connecticut’s Depot Campus. While normal power was originally¬† fed from the local utility through an on-campus electrical distribution system owned by UConn, there were also several additional sources of power residing on the campus including a 400 kW fuel cell, 6.6 kW in photovoltaic (PV) capacity, and 300 kW in standby diesel generator capacity. An appropriately designed microgrid would allow for critical facilities to operate independent from the energy grid. Additionally, during times of extended normal power loss from violent weather, an emergency restoration staging area can be activated, including power for temporary structures and housing for first responders. A/Z was responsible for collaborating with the university to solicit and evaluate bids for effective solutions for a microgrid that will serve the Depot Campus.

UConn is poised to develop, test, validate, and implement an advanced electricity infrastructure. This project also serves to strengthen the governor’s comprehensive energy policy.

Prabhakar Singh

Director, Center for Clean Energy Engineering