Education & Non-Profit

Our Core Competencies

Academic Facilities

The face of modern education is rapidly changing, and the colleges and universities that remain competitive must be prepared to keep pace. There is a rising demand from both students and faculty alike for classroom and lecture hall buildings to incorporate the latest teaching technology and sustainable features. From new facilities to historical buildings that are as old as the campuses themselves, we possess the experience to ensure that our higher education clients are positioned for the future.

Research Facilities

Staying on the leading edge of research starts by viewing biology, chemistry, physics, and other specialized science laboratories from the perspective of the users. These environments often feature varying levels of sophistication and complexity, ranging from undergraduate teaching labs to the state-of-the-art facilities used by graduates, faculty, and other research personnel. Regardless of the facility’s use, we believe that usability, accessibility, and flexibility can co-exist with Good Laboratory Practices (GLP). We support the design, planning, and construction of facilities of any scale or sensitivity.

Historical Preservation

The renovation of historical campus buildings presents some of the most unique challenges, and we are proud to have supported the preservation of numerous facilities with one-of-a-kind architecture and craftsmanship. Renovation projects in this area may range from the restoration of individual building components to their original glory to modernizing building systems like electrical and fire protection while protecting the unique historical features. Additionally, we are highly experienced in managing safe and comprehensively documented hazardous material remediation efforts.

Athletics & Recreation

Recreational facilities range in use from part of a student’s daily routine to the hub of sporting events and source of school pride. The amenities featured by these buildings and the surrounding grounds can include features such as flexible gymnasiums with spectator seating, locker and training rooms, fitness centers, jogging tracks, and Olympic-sized swimming pools to name just a few. With every project we support, the key to making new and renovated facilities successful is by listening to the goals of the university / college organizations and the voice of their students.


Most college and universities need to balance four major factors when creating or renovating office environments for their faculty and staff: an effective work space, a cost-efficient environment, quality, and time to market. The environment not only reflects the school’s image, but it is a key factor to employee retention, efficiency, and productivity. A/Z has supported a wide range of office initiatives for clients in every industry that include new construction, logistically challenging renovations in active facilities, and highly efficient consolidation efforts.

Auditorium & Assembly

Modern student centers serve as a hub for academic and social activities, and the varying size and uses for these facilities and understanding the objectives for them are essential to the success of projects. From ground-up construction to renovations of any scale, our teams are committed to working with our clients to provide student centers that offer the flexibility and usability to make them the cores of student life and interaction. The integration of contemporary design features and furnishings, efficient energy systems, durable finishes, and the latest technological amenities are only limited by the imagination and goals of our university and college clients.

Student Housing

The construction and renovation of dormitory facilities and other, progressive forms of student housing require careful coordination in order to minimize the impact of work on campus life. Whether the renovations are being fast-tracked over the summer break or are executed while the facility is partially occupied by students, planning and control must be top priorities. Our expertise spans from primary building areas (such as dorm rooms, lounges, and lobbies) to the critical mechanical, electrical, and life safety systems.

Dining Services

From major dining halls to café / bistro-type facilities, dining services are a central part of campus life. Students, faculty, and visitors have come to expect quality, variety, comfort, and expeditious service from dining facilities. It is important to balance these considerations by providing staff the amenities they need to efficiently support hundreds of patrons multiple times per day. Our experiences ranges from servery and seating areas to the kitchens, prep areas, and utility services that make it all happen.

Central Utilities / Physical Plant

Continuous, reliable utility service is not only a standard expectation for our higher education clients, but a matter of safety for both individuals on campus and in the surrounding community. A/Z has the technical expertise needed to provide a full range of services, from constructing new utility plants to integrating new, efficient technologies within existing plants. We will bring cost effectiveness and efficiency to the programs we support with a commitment towards environmental responsibility and life safety.

Non-Profit Organizations

We recognize the challenges that modern non-profit organizations face, and we are fully prepared to support them in their missions to help others. Our team is highly experienced in helping our clients get the most out of their established budgets—from the early planning and value engineering stages to ensuring smooth and highly controlled efforts in the field. This expertise ensures that both new and renovated facilities offer a combination of usability, longevity, and expandability.

Our Work Highlights