Hospitality & Gaming

Our Core Competencies


Modern hotels must meet the evolving expectations of their diverse clientele for quality and service while remaining cognizant of development costs. Construction and renovation within these facilities needs to focus on providing a quick turnaround while minimizing interruptions to their guests’ experiences. Our teams have partnered both with major resort developers and standalone facilities throughout the region to support their construction, upgrade, expansion, and maintenance initiatives. With the ability to scale our services in support projects of any scale, A/Z’s team leverages the experience to exceed the expectations of the hotel development team as well as its guests.


It takes experience and imagination to develop innovative gaming areas that attract high guest traffic. The most successful space anticipates players’ expectations and provides the level of detail and comfort needed to engage and sustain interest. Emotive lighting, exciting architecture, and durable domestic and imported finishes are just of the few of the elements that must be considered. With the ability to implement an endless range of styles and finishes, A/Z has the experience and resources to create gaming atmospheres for any taste.

Gaming areas have completely evolved over the past 20 years with the integration of new technologies. Their players’ desires for greater service, convenience, and the ability to earn promotional points are driving today’s casinos to change the typical thought process for these venues. We have been building and renovating gaming areas for some of the largest casinos in North America for years, including poker and table games, slots, race book, keno, etc.

Lounges & Night Clubs

From classic and cosmopolitan to the themed or technology-driven, today’s lounge designs cover a vast array of styles. A/Z’s ability to deliver an exciting and engaging space is a must in this highly competitive market. By collaborating closely with facility designers, we can develop luxurious, engaging spaces that achieve the highest standards of quality, durability, and cost-efficiency. The ability to integrate customized systems and features gives these facilities the edge that sets them apart.

Restaurants & Kitchens

Setting the stage for the desired patron ambiance and restaurant service platform is a critical element in a restaurateur’s business plan. A/Z’s experience covers both fine dining and themed establishments. Our ability to manage specialty materials and contractors is acquired by working with some of the most sophisticated, customer-oriented resorts and clientele in the industry.

The restaurant atmosphere and quality is only half of the patron dining experience. It’s essential that the kitchen and food preparation areas are first-in-class as well. The installation and coordination of the kitchen equipment and appliances are critical to the kitchen staff’s ability to perform and provide the desire service and production levels. A/Z has experience ranging from production-sized facilities to streamlined gourmet kitchens.


When creating an enticing shopping experience for customers, it is important to consider both the adaptability of the space and the aesthetic / branding requirements of its occupant. We are committed to achieving the vision for these environments by working closely with facility owners and designers to incorporate any range of specialty finish materials, retail systems, lighting, and security. Our project teams have experience working with both domestic and international material / system providers and installers. Partnering with A/Z enables our clients to focus on their business operations as we dedicate ourselves to the development of the retail outlet.

Spas & Leisure

The development of a soothing and comfortable environment for guests is central to the atmosphere that spas and leisure facilities strive to maintain. Attention to detail allows spa employees to spur repeat patronage and create lasting memories of relaxation. We are committed to working with our clients to create the balance of aesthetics, acoustics, lighting, climate control, and spa equipment needed for these spaces. These considerations allow the facility to operate above guests’ expectations.

Our Work Highlights