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    Mashantucket, CT

A/Z’s design team was engaged by Foxwoods to design the relocation of the Pequot Museum Information Center from the Phase 3 & 4 Concourse to the Rainmaker Atrium in Foxwoods Resort Casino. The design for this project began with outlining the removal of an existing keno game counter to make way for the installation of the information center. Our team developed the design for the museum to include the reuse of an entry gateway, an entry door and side lights, four glass panels, and a glass panel with the Foxwoods logo from the existing museum. These elements were incorporated into the new location, and other design features that could not be moved such as a stone wall base, tree trunk columns, and tree trunk display were replicated. The museum is designed to house several tribal artifacts and displays. A landscape mural spans the rear wall of the new location, and freestanding display casesĀ  and a Pequot statue are centrally located within the space.