Our Core Competencies


Countless businesses rely on the ability of chemical manufacturers to efficiently transform raw materials into consistent and pure finished goods such as dyes, fertilizers, petrochemicals, fibers, inorganic chemicals, and consumer products. A/Z’s teams are dedicated to understanding the processes and operational requirements of these manufacturers in order to safely conduct construction and maintenance operations within their active facilities. We have the capability to support the engineering, installation, inspection, and commissioning processes of many systems typically found in chemical manufacturing environments, including clean and dirty processes, waste neutralization and drainage, hazardous locations and storage, plant utilities, instrumentation and controls, and process monitoring systems.

Staying competitive in today’s dynamic chemicals markets requires innovative, cost-effective technical solutions. We provide planning and services that help our clients gain and maintain this edge. Whether providing procurement services for pre-purchasing and the timely delivery of long-lead equipment or developing detailed hourly manpower execution plans to support scheduled outages, our team understands sensitive plant operating environments.


The polymers industry is one of the largest and fastest growing manufacturing sectors in the United States currently, and companies need an experienced partner like A/Z to help them stay at the forefront of technology and market demand for plastics and rubber production. Our relevant experience with some of the country’s leading manufacturers allow us to successfully support our clients’ needs with new construction, process upgrades, specialty equipment installations, shutdown support, and light industrial services. Our teams thrive in technically demanding environments.

Pharmaceutical & Biopharmaceutical

Technical competence and experience have been central to A/Z’s success in performing construction and renovations of cGMP pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and pilot plants. The production of medicines, vaccines, supplements, and animal health products require the highest levels of control and cleanliness to ensure compliance with regulatory standards and, ultimately, the safety of consumers.

A/Z’s extensive background in the life sciences manufacturing industry allows our teams to support all aspects of our clients’ facilities, from utilizing 3D BIM models for MEP coordination within bulk active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacturing facilities to testing the environmental integrity within quality control, containment, and storage areas.

Medical Device

Medical device manufacturing facilities are driven by the need to ensure that products arrive to their users free from any defects or contamination. Devices such as surgical instruments and machines, medical implants, diagnostic, therapeutic, and life support equipment must be manufactured and assembled under the strictest of controlled conditions. A/Z’s teams have the background and training to build, renovate, and expand classified manufacturing areas and the protective measures they employ.

Light Industrial & Precision

Companies competing in today’s dynamic industrial manufacturing environment succeed by producing high-quality products with minimal wasted resources. They must remain flexible enough to respond to a rapidly changing market, and need to consider a range of different variables, including product positioning / innovation, distribution channel dynamics, and cost benchmarking. A/Z helps manufacturers achieve these goals with competitive, single-source solutions that range from technology upgrades to facility relocations and reconfigurations, as well as preventative maintenance programs.

Heavy Industrial

Heavy industrial manufacturers coordinate their operations in some of the industry’s most logistically challenging environments; when construction or maintenance services are required in these settings, our clients can depend on A/Z’s ability to understand their operations and seamlessly integrate into their site to ensure successful business continuity. We are highly capable with installing and maintaining the diverse systems found within our clients’ sites, including lift systems / bridge cranes, assembly bays, graving docks, warehousing, distribution areas, and site utility infrastructure.

A/Z has also supported the selection and integration of efficient, high-performance atmospheric controls and lighting for large-scale facilities. An industry-leading safety program and diverse in-house resources make us a partner-of-choice for all heavy industrial manufacturing needs.

Clean Rooms

Rapidly advancing technologies and growing consumer demands have made the accuracy and hygiene in scientific instrumentation and semiconductor manufacturing settings a top priority. Whether constructing an expansion from the ground-up or performing preventative maintenance tasks within operational facilities, A/Z team members are empowered with the knowledge and training to support our clients’ needs for precision and safety while producing products within the tightest tolerances.

Our management and trades personnel are highly experienced in light industrial assembly environments within critical operating environments. We have the ability to support the construction of modular or build-in-place clean rooms from Class 100 (ISO 5) to Class 100,000 (ISO 8), gowning areas, and environmentally controlled spaces for testing, assembly, and packaging.

Warehousing & Distribution

Supply chain logistics form the backbone of manufacturing operations. Receiving, storing, and distributing material (inbound and outbound) require high levels of safety, efficiency, and product management compliance for quality assurance. A/Z has supported the design, construction, and operation of warehousing and distribution centers for customers throughout a spectrum of manufacturing sectors. In addition to millions of square feet of standard and high bay racking, we have installed systems to make operations safer and faster such as overhead lifts, conveyors, and automated storage and retrieval.

A/Z has also constructed and renovated warehousing to meet strict FDA regulatory requirements such as current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and the TSA Certified Cargo Screening Program (CCSP). Our teams collaborate directly with our clients to determine their operational requirements and implement the best solutions for their business, including facilities that support just-in-time (JIT) inventory management strategies.

Equipment Automation

Modern field intelligence systems offer a wealth of new capabilities, including diagnostics that identify and mitigate issues before they can affect a process. Open communication standards linking devices, systems, and applications in a building-wide network ensure that process and equipment information is available whenever it is needed. With our experience and in-house resources we can support the mechanical and electrical installation requirements of these vital automation systems. We deliver Central Monitoring Systems (CMS) for validated warehousing, Automation Process Control (APC) applications for pharmaceutical production, and Building Management Systems (BMS) to govern plant operations on any scale.

Hazardous Material Storage

Modern techniques, knowledge, and training can minimize the risk of handling and storing hazardous materials used in manufacturing today. A/Z has extensive experience in constructing areas to contain and isolate many potentially dangerous materials, including flammables, oxidizers, corrosives, explosives, organic peroxides, and odoriferous / anhydrous compounds. Our hazardous material storage solutions place a strong emphasis on safety protocol, regulatory standards, and comprehensive emergency response plans.

Instrumentation & Calibration

Proper validation allows specialty manufacturers to introduce new products through manageable costs and regulatory compliance, and it is a crucial part of guaranteeing high quality. Data collected through process control and analytical instrumentation is often used to document the effectiveness and repeatability of the manufacturing process, and we can support all levels of this instrumentation installation, including calibration and loop checks within hazardous environments. We also assist with commissioning support, turnover package development, IQ / OQ coordination, and field verification.

Material Handling

Installation of material handling equipment like overhead bridge cranes, high-bay rack storage, motorized conveyors, and high-density shelving must comply with manufacturer recommendations, strict regulatory and safety standards. Our turnkey services allow us to successfully support these system integrations within operational facilities, while minimizing interruption to ongoing business activities. We also offer facility solutions that can help optimize space planning considerations within critical manufacturing environments.

Stability Chambers & Cold Rooms

Material management is critical to the quality control (QC) of any product. A/Z can support specialty manufacturers in a wide range of applications, from the certification of walk-in fume hoods for QC testing of incoming materials to the validation of systems for monitoring temperatures of high-bay bulk storage freezers or individual units of a -80° C freezer farm. Our teams are experienced in supporting the installation and testing of stability chambers and cold rooms that precisely monitor and regulate temperature and humidity conditions for storage and long-term, intermediate, and accelerated stability testing.

Research & QA/QC Labs

The consistency and safety of manufactured products for a wide range of industries and applications are ultimately measured in crucial research and quality assurance / quality control (QA / QC) labs. Whether finished products are for industrial, commercial, or consumer use, QA / QC facilities contain the highly specialized equipment and instrumentation that technicians need to accurately assess products. A/Z is committed to understanding our manufacturing clients’ research or testing methodologies to support the design, construction, and commissioning of these specialized environments.

Process Control Rooms

Regardless of the size of a process, the control room serves as a nerve center from which operators can safely monitor and control the manufacturing environment. Whether located remotely or within the plant, our team considers a wide range of factors in building and maintaining an effective control room; the process control room must provide personnel with the ability to effectively and safely maintain control over the plant at high and low staffing levels while facilitating communications and reducing operator fatigue. A/Z is dedicated to understanding our clients’ facilities and goals in order to assist in their design and construction needs.

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