Project Details

  • Client

    Twin Rivers Technologies
  • Service

  • Location

    Quincy, MA

In order to increase its production capabilities, Twin Rivers Technologies has repurposed an existing fatty acid odor stripping (FAOS) column at its Quincy, MA location as a fractionator. The facility is a world-class USP glycerin and fatty acid production site, supporting the development of over 80 different fatty acids. The FAOS column is now being used to cut whole fatty acids into more pure fatty acid fractions for use in applications ranging from plastics and textiles to food and pharmaceuticals. A/Z modified the existing column and replaced the process and utility piping to support its new function. The project team was also responsible for clearing out-of-service equipment from the site and installing new preheaters, reboilers, piping, and other instrumentation in its place.

…the entire A/Z Team should be recognized for their efforts for helping to deliver to TRT, and TRT’s employees, an operating system that will serve TRT well into the future.

Ken Morreale

Project Manager, Twin Rivers Technologies