Specialty Services

We have unprecedented control over safety, quality, budget, and schedule with our ability to self-perform key scopes of work.

A/Z draws upon a staff of dedicated, multi-disciplined professionals to perform specialty construction services, facility operations, and maintenance. We are able to exercise unprecedented control over safety, schedule, quality, and budget by self-performing the following specialty services:

Civil, Structural, & Architectural

The civil, architectural, and structural (CSA) services of A/Z Corporation have the necessary experience to perform new construction, additions, and renovation in some of the most demanding markets in the industry today. The quality, cost-effective solutions enacted by our teams play a major role in all phases of construction. While A/Z specializes in demolition, excavation, and complex cast-in-place structures, our CSA teams are also highly qualified to perform all the necessary architectural elements and aesthetics of our projects. Our site capabilities include:

  • Specialized Demolition
  • Excavation, Backfilling, & Compacting
  • Heavy Cast-in-Place Structures
  • Slab-on-Deck & and Suspended Slabs
  • High-Tolerance Equipment Foundations
  • Interior Architectural Elements
  • Office Add / Move / Change Renovations
  • Equipment / Material Rigging

Mechanical Piping

Today, it is more important than ever that mechanical systems are installed in accordance with contractual requirements, meet regulatory guidelines, and operate with reliability and efficiency. A/Z’s mechanical team has a strong history of building a mechanical infrastructure that is tailored to each individual client’s needs, while offering expandability for their growing businesses.

Our teams receive ongoing training that allows them to safely operate in any environment and perform their work according to the latest codes, regulations, and validation standards. Our in-house CAD capabilities allow us to create 3D models and detailed isometric drawings. With a team of highly qualified pipefitters, certified welders and plumbers, we are prepared to take on the challenges needed to support projects in the most complex environments:

  • Power & Process Systems
  • Utility Tank Farms
  • Waste & Water Treatment
  • Medical Gases
  • Fire Protection
  • HVAC & Utility
  • High Purity Piping
  • Material Handling
  • ASME Code Repairs

Thermal Insulation

Following our principles of providing turnkey solutions to our clients, A/Z integrated thermal insulation specialists into our in-house team. Because of our unique in-house capabilities, A/Z has the expertise to deliver any thermal insulation solution without having to rely on a third-party contractor.

This personal approach maximizes value for our clients. By virtue of controlling this trade, we are able to improve the efficiency of our projects. Additionally, our staff is trained and experienced in working within process environments and understands the methods and materials for applying thermal insulation for mechanical systems within these settings:

  • Process, utility, and chemical piping from cryogenic to 1,000° F +
  • HVAC systems and duct work, both indoor and outdoor
  • Custom-fabricated insulation blankets
  • Boiler and equipment insulation, including tanks, heat exchangers, and vessels
  • Fire-rated duct insulation systems

Electrical & Instrumentation

Complex electrical, instrumentation, and control systems are an integral part of modern business. Properly implementing and maintaining these installations are processes that require the most current training, licensing, and equipment available. Our professional technicians undergo continuous education so that they can provide our clients with the reliable, technology-driven solutions that are necessary for demanding applications. Our commitment to quality and responsiveness is apparent in all of the services that we provide:

  • Low-Voltage Distribution Systems
  • Medium Voltage Distribution Systems
  • Process Control Systems
  • Instrumentation & Calibration
  • Lightning Protection Systems
  • Arc Fault & Arc Flash Analysis


Telecommunications & Technology

There has never been a greater demand for rapid and reliable telecommunications and technology systems than in our modern marketplace. A/Z Corporation has responded to this challenge by offering our clients the industry’s best solutions to their needs for instantaneous connectivity. Our teams are equipped with the experience and the cutting-edge technology that fosters communication within both your business and the worldwide marketplace. The A/Z team is comprised of experienced BICSI professionals and RCDDs who provide superior quality, service, and reliability in our technology infrastructures:

  • Passive Optical Network (PON) Solutions
  • Air-Blown Fiber
  • Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
  • Information Transport Systems
  • Wireless LAN Surveys & Design Installation
  • Process Automation/Integration
  • Audio-Visual & Video Conferencing
  • Sound Masking
  • IP Surveillance & Security
  • Data Centers
  • Telephone & Paging Systems
  • Firestop Systems
  • CATV Systems
  • Security Technology Design & Integration
  • Conference / Audio Visual System Design & Integration
  • Data Center Design & Integration


Our Engineering, Fabrication, & Logistics Center plays a central role in allowing us to operate as a truly integrated services provider. At this location, our professionals are working with the latest design and fabrication technologies to support our ongoing projects as well as standalone engagements. Our fabrication capabilities include:

  • Utility Piping
  • Hygienic & Non-Hygienic Piping
  • Process & Utility Skids
  • Power Packages
  • Major Equipment Assembly & Disassembly
  • ASME Code Repairs

Our Work Highlights


Loading Dock Air Curtains

New Mezzanine

Maintenance Support

North Towers Renovation


Catalyst Shed Bollards

Concrete Pad Extension

Gutter Replace & Reroute

Laboratory Floor Tiling

North Chiller Footing Repairs

Plant Double Door Installation

Railroad Track Washout

Soil Regrade & Removal

Wall Repair


Automation Relocation Pad

Break Room Renovation

Conference Room

Emergency Crack Repairs

Epoxy Floor Repair

Equipment Relocation

Freezer Fire Suppression

Fume Hood Relocation

Hazardous Material Shelving

Lab Storage Conversion

Main Gate Sidewalks

Masonry Repairs

PEL Incubator


Loading Dock Pad

Manholes & Sewers


Exam Room 5

Medical Building Interior

Oncology / Dictation Rooms

Stott Avenue Executive Suites

Stott Avenue Restroom Renovations

Studio Renovations

Walk-in Clinic Door Replacement


ACT Ceiling Replacement

Building 50 ADA Sidewalk

Carpentry Support

Office Upgrades


Concrete Stairs Installation

B24 Exterior Doors

Garage Door Replacement

Metal Stairs Removal

Styrofoam Loader Labor

Pavement Repairs

Sinkhole Repair

Snow Removal Support


A-Frame Modifications

B88 Office Renovations

B88 Waterline Repair

B189 Steam Supply

B197 Utilities Disconnect

B250 Hillside Washout

Manhole Sump System

Sea Wall Sinkhole

TASW Enclosure


Bushing Storage Mezzanine

Cafeteria Courtyard

Canopy Removal

Concrete Repairs

Emergency Relocation

Foundation Investigation

Interior Masonry Repair

Loading Dock Safety

Masonry Wall Demolition

Mechanical Shades Installation

Work Center Underground Repairs


Emergency Building Repairs

Engineering Offices

Garage Column Repair

Pequot Tower Televisions

Two Trees Inn Renovations


Double Door Installation

Exterior Stair Canopy

Occupational Health Center Repairs

Packaging Facility Renovations

QCMR Suite 1200


Drainage Upgrades

Emergency Registration Modifications

Fencing Installations

Lobby & Café Renovation

Locker Room Renovations

Storm Water System

Water Damage Repair

Utilities Building Upgrade


Dexter Street Renovations

Emergency Facility Repairs

Monson Facility Renovations


B90 Entrance Door Replacement

B100 Flex Suite

B100 Security Upgrade

B118 Veteran Memorial Stone

B126 Erosion Control

B156 Kilo Lab Epoxy Flooring

B156 Lab 205 Casework Mods

B156 LL29 Stability Chamber

B-156 Paving

B156 SSH Lab Ductwork Mods

B200 Conference Rooms

B220 Flex Offices

B220 Duct Shaft Access Support

B220 Kiosk Upgrade

B220 Lab Casework Modifications

B220 Lab Fume Hood Relocations

B220 Room 1377V Storage Cage

B230 Casework Removal

B274 C2N Ventilated Rack Installation

B274 Cage Wash Door Replacement

B274 Cyclotron Microscope

B274 IVC Racks

B288 Utility Relocation

B290 Parking Garage Elevator

B294 Building Upgrades

B295 Room 118 Improvements

B220 Laboratory Renovations

B274 Sterilization Suite

Building F Cafeteria Repairs

Building G Ante Room

Building G Atrium

Building K Oncology Prep

Cage Wash Building 274

Kings Heights Genotyping Lab Renovation

KHTC Genotyping Lab Renovation

Parking Area Sink Hole Repair

Raw Materials Sampling Area

Reception Desk Installation

West Campus Hydrant Replacement

West Campus Line Striping

Plus 250 More Assignments Over Past 3 Years


Building 5 Locker Room

Building 7 ACT Repair

Clean Room B7

Down Flow Booth

Formulation Lab

Locker Room Floor Repair

Office Ceiling Work

QC Flow Hood Casework

Formulation Lab

RTC Analytical Lab

Sidewalk Replacement

Spherical Dryer

Warehouse Rack Installation

Warehouse Renovation


Animal Holding Room

B50 Roof Ladder & Cold Box

B50 Smartboard Installation

B60 2nd & 3rd Floor Painting

B90 Autoclave

Clean Room Panel Repair

Loading Dock Leveler

Loading Dock Door Repair

New Locker Rooms

Office Buildout


Electrophysiology Bi-Plane Lab

Hybrid Operating Room


Drain Pipe Installation

Fencing Repairs

Gatehouse Curbing Repair

Pedestrian Gate Repair

Radio Tower Foundation

Rail Car Wash

Styrofoam Potable Water System

Timber Trestle Bridge Repairs

Tote Load Accuracy Improvement

West Railroad Gate Repair

Window Replacements


East Building Psych Bathroom

Patient Room Flooring

Remillard Lobby Info Desk

Meditation Room

Memorial Lobby Pharmacy

Shields Pharmacy

Soarian Ergotron Arm Installation

Soarian Signage Installation

South 3 Nurse Station Renovation

South 3 Patient Room Renovations


CCCW Offices

Contractor Safety Center

Dunham Lab Renovation

Kirtland Hall Public Space

SML-BRBL Swing Space

Our Work Highlights


A Stream Cutter Discharge Chute

A Stream Sample Chute

Air Compressor Replacement

B34 HVAC AHU Blower Shaft

Blower Inlet Line

C Stream Water Bath

Catch Tray for Stream-G Train

Compressor Room Louvers

Cutter Room NW Exhaust Fan

Cutter Room Trench Grate

D2 Marine Valve Actuator

Discharge Line Modifications

Dock N2 Padding

DTQ Exchanger

DTQ Jumper Line

DTQ Valve Repairs

Emergency System Repairs

Explosion-Proof Vacuum

Fire Sprinkler Line Feed Area

Gas Bottle Regulators

Gas Meter Replacement

Gear Pump Replacement

Gearbox Oil Drain Lines

Generator Exhaust Insulation

Grating Inspection

G-Train Catalyst Meter

Hazardous Waste Fuel Line Leak

Heater Demolition

Hot Water Heater

Hydro Test Gauge Calibration

Ice Removal Wednesday 2/18/14

Lab Sink Repair

N2 Padding

RCRA Screen

Safety Showers

Stationary Beams Fabrication

System 20 Silencer

System 7 Railings

Test Gauge Flanges

Water Bath Filter

Water Supply Tap Relocation

Winter Insulation Repairs

Plus 250 More Assignments Over Past 3 Years Alone


Boiler Systems Optimization

BSC Upgrades

City Water Loop

CO2 Repair

Duct Repairs

Fume Hood Installation

Future O2 & CO2 Tees

Gas Lines

Hot Water Tank Replacement

Lab 1933 Gas Manifolds

Lab Q-49 Renovations

N2 Installation

N2 Line

O2 Sampling

PD Lab Bioreactors

PD Lab Dust Control

PD Lab Gas Mixer

Safety Shower Upgrades

Tempered Water Loop

Vacuum Lift

Water Heater Upgrades


Exam Room 5

Medical Building Interior

Oncology / Dictation Rooms

Stott Avenue Executive Suites

Stott Avenue Restroom Renovations

Studio Renovations

Walk-in Clinic Door Replacement


Acid Waste Lift Station

Boiler Installation

Bridgeport Relocation

Chilled Water Supply & Return

Coil Replacement

Compressed Air Drops

Control Valve Installation

Equipment Relocation

Grieve Oven Removal

Lab Sink Installation

Preventative Maintenance

Sand Filter Installation

Spy Lab Renovation

Waste Tank Bypass Installation


Air-Cooled Chiller

Boiler Line Flex Tube Tie-In

CAD Support

Chilled Water Insulation

Dust Collector Blast Shield

Hot Box Storage

Relief Valve Installation

Secondary Condenser

Electric Boat

Air Manifold

Argon Bulk Bottles

Barge Repairs

B-1 Roof Drain

B106 Argon Line

B126 Condenser Tank Re-pipe

B153 Sewage Pump

B189 Temporary Steam

B197 Utilities Disconnect

B212 Water Line Insulation

B221 Booster Pumps

B221 Water Hammer Arresters

B252 Sewage Pumps Replacement

Backflow Preventer Maintenance

Bay 3 Air Hose

Bays 3 & 5 Effluent Pumps

Graving Dock Pressure Test

Graving Dock Water Main Break

Land-Based Steaming System

Lift Station Pipe Modification

MCA Fire Line Replacement

NOX Testing Piping

Pure Water Insulation

Safety Shower Inspection

Small-Scale Test Lab

Storm Recovery Support

Tank Farm

Ultrasonic Sink Install


Chiller Valve Replacement

CHP Gas Meter Installation

Cooling Tower

Duplex Condensate Pump Vent

Emergency Plumbing Support

Emergency Welding Services

Oil Cooler Piping

On-Demand Boiler Install

Pequot Tower Emergency Repairs

Harvard University

Chase Hall AHU Replacement

Morris Hall AHU Replacement

Teele Hall Cooling Tower


AHU Replacement

Boiler Blowdown Piping Repair

Boiler Room Flange Repair

Chiller Water Piping

Emergency Floor Drain

Emergency Water Leak Response

Grease Trap Removal

Health Center Emergency Repairs

Heating System Repairs

Hot Tank Pump Replacement

HVAC Technical Support

Sanitary Lines

Sump Pump Replacement

Water Main Replacement


AHU Humidification Install

B100 AHU Upgrade

B100 Humidifier Repair

B100 Safety Shower Re-piping

B156 Kilo Lab Condenser

B160 Water Tie-In

B160-B101 Fuel Oil Transfer

B220 AHU Humidifier

B274 AHU Duct Insulation

B274 Cage Repairs

B274 Plumbing Repairs

B295 Boiler Modifications

B295 Lithium Bromide Chiller

B295 Split System Installation




Dip Tubes

NMR Exhaust

Lab Plumbing Repairs

Baffle Extension

Filter Repair

Nitrogen Line

Reheat Piping

Steam Line Repairs

Syltherm Replacement

Vacuum Pump

Vault Sprinkler

RTC Chiller

RTC Gas Lines

RTC HVAC Repairs

RTC Waste Water


Compressed Air Line Drop

Electroid Cooling Tie-In

Lab High Purity Gas Panel

Fire Hose Wash

Fire Testing Renovation

Pump Re-Build


Asbestos Survey

B21 Secure Seed Storage

B60 HVAC Upgrades

Bioreactor Relocation

Bioreactor Insulation

Boiler Gas Train Valve

Boiler Replacement

Boiler Room Upgrade

Chilled Water Bypass

Clean Steam Condenser

Hands-Free Lab Faucet

Hot Water Heaters

Install of Containment Berms

New CO2 Feed for BSC Unit

R1/R2 Bioreactor Relocation

RODI Sample Port Installation

Skid Insulation

Topographic Survey

Twin Alternating Dealkalizer

Water Heater Installation


Batch Stripper Piping

Caustic Water Dilution Line

Condensate Leak Repairs

Condensate Leaking Pipe Rack

Dead Head Pump Gap Closure

Eye Wash & Lines

Insulation Repairs

Latex Air Compressor

Loading Platform Steel

Storm Drain Cleaning

Welding Support

Winter Insulation Needs


Fractionator 2 Process

Fractionator Tower Piping

Fuel Oil Filter Installation

Odor Filtering System

October Shutdown Support

Tower Heat Trace


Air Compressor Installation

Black Start Generator

Building 1 Grease Traps

Chemical Injection System

CHP System Support

Fire Water Tank Repair

Pneumatic Test Cell Lab

Power House Labor Day Shutdown

Test Cell Rig Installation


Central Plant CHP

Church St. Steam Repair

Emergency Steam Repairs

Exley Storm Drains

Foss Generator Replacement

Freeman Steam Line Repair

Gas Valve Purge

Olin to Freeman Steam Line

Our Work Highlights


Acid Integration

Alcohol Wash

Automation Installation

B5 Lighting Replacement

B5 Panel Board Demolition

B5 Panel Board Demo

B5 / B6 Raw Materials Automation

B6 Dock Leveler

Cooling Tower

Electrical Hoist

Electrical Staffing Support


Outage Support

Retro Reactors


Actuator Removal

Alarm for Initiator Building

Calibrate Vacuum Pump

Catalyst Heat Tape

Cold DTQ VFD Upgrades

Density Meter for Al 106H

Dock Lighting

E Plant Smoke Detectors

East Railroad Gate Lights

Emergency Lights Repair

Fin Fan Vibration Switch

First Stage Cooling Fan

Flame Eye Troubleshooting

G Reactor Area Lights

G-Train Ground Fault Investigation

G-Train Pressure Transmitters

Heater Gas Flow Meter Replace

Heater MCC Room Lights

HOA Switches Relocation

Lighting Panel Upgrades

Lighting Replacement

MCC 11 Backfeed

Power Factor Cabinet Display

Silo Junction Box

Smoke Detector at E Train MCC

South Dissolver Agitator

Styrene Dock Lighting

Switchgear Ground Fault Investigation

Thermowell Replace

Transmitter Repair

Ballast Troubleshooting


AR1 Lighting Installation

AR2 UPS Replacement

AR5 MCC Installation

AR6 Lab Centrifuge

AR6 PD Lab Freezer

AR7 Fume Hood Re-Feed

Electrical Field Assistance

EF Disconnects

Glycol-Chiller Segregation

Parking Garage Lighting

PD6 Lightning Protection

Purification Tank Vibration

UDS Automation


30A Feeder Upgrade to 60A

600A Switchboard Relocation

Air Compressor Power

Ammonia Alarm Panel

Boiler Room Make-Up Fans

Bulk Storage Pump

Compressed Air System

DC 1 & 2 Alarm Points

ETOH Meters

Exterior Facility Lighting

Fire Alarm CO2 Interface

Fire Alarm Panel Upgrade

Furnace & Computer Power

Heat Trace for Emissions

IO Modules & Limit Switch

Lab Outlets

Main Switchgear Maintenance

New Electrical Service

Office Furniture Electrical

Office Outlet Installation

Oven Room Fan Outlets

Oven Wiring

Phase One CIP Upgrade

Pipe Rack Lighting

Production Agitators

Quality Control Outlets

Radius Sensor Installation

Scrubber Sump Heater

Tank Farm Telemetry

Transmitter Wiring

UPS Branch Circuit


Elias Laboratory Renovations

Germ-Free BioMed Facility



2015 Outage Support

Boiler Preheat

Hempstead Outage Support

January Outage Support

June Outage Support

Lightning Protection Survey

May Project Support

Plant Air Compressor

Slaker Motor Feeder Repair


B24 Grounding

B31 Grounding

B31 Overhead Cable

B31 Surveillance Cameras

Condensation Motor Repairs

Electrical Cabinet Inspections

Electrical Power Separation

Emergency Lighting

Gas Detector

MCC Fuse Replacement

NEMA Enclosure & 110 Voltage

Outdoor Lighting Repair

Quad Electrical Line

Warehouse Lighting


O2 Sensor Installation

Mixer-Frame Modifications

Polyol Pump Replacement

Project Voyager Data

Roof Replacement Support

VFD Replacement


2,300 V Feeder

25 Pair Phone Cable

B260 VFD Breaker

B1 Code Compliance

B1 Electrical Installations

B1 Mezzanine Relamping

B100 Crane Pit

B105 Bay Lights

B105 Light Demo & Repair

B106 Lead Area Lighting

B106 Storage Area

B107 Quartz Lights

B109 Conduit Replacement

B109 Lighting Installation

B119 Heat Trace

B126 Cross Walk Light

B127 Substation Lighting

B130 AC Unit

B130 Electrical Demolition

B130 Office Lighting

B131 Overhead Lights

B132 Heater Repair

B132 HVAC Troubleshooting

B132 Manhole Investigation

B153 Grinding Classroom

B154 Lighting

B154 Fan Repair

B154 Fire Code Upgrades

B164 Safety Shower Heat Trace

B166 Overhead Door Power

B166 Battery Charger

B179 Lift Tables

B179 Radial Arm Saw

B180 Wall Pack Lighting

B182 Water Heater

B184 Office Renovation

B189 Conference Room

B189 Emergency Power

B195 Emergency Lights

MCA Building Lighting

Shore Power Cables

+1,750 More Assignments Over Past 3 Years Alone


Calibration Support

Cable Installations

Cooling Tower Repairs

Emergency Outage Support

GT Enclosure I&C Support

Lighting Protection Repairs

Outage Testing

Phase 2 Outage Support

Pole Light Repair


Service Desk Outlets

Award Room Outlets

Bakery Mixer Power

Bingo Employee Break Room

Cedar Private Lounge Outlets

CHP Management Support

Dryer Booster Fan Controls

Electrical Repairs

Emergency Building Repairs

Engineering Offices

MIS Room Upgrades

On-Call Electrical Services

Parking Lot Lighting Removal

Pequot Tower Ice Cream Outlets

Pequot Tower Televisions

Two Trees Inn Renovations

UPS Outlets


ACC Thermocouples

Caustic / Acid VFDs

Clutch Wiring

Crane Bay Cameras

Dew Point Heaters

Emergency Support

EV Meter Wiring

Fire Alarm Wiring

Fire System Reroute

Fire System Reroute

Fire System Wiring

Ground Grid Repair

Outage Set-Up Support

Parking Lot Lighting

SEV Control Wiring

Unit 1 Cabling

Welding Outlets


Emergency Light Repairs

Health Center Lighting Repair

Office Upgrades

Parking Lot Lighting

Parking Garage Lighting Repairs

Power Monitoring

Receptacle Additions

Standby Generator

Utility Building Renovations


480 V Disconnect Replacement

Chiller Receptacles

Circulation Pump Power

Disturbance Monitoring Conduit

Heat Trace Installation

PCM Building Upgrades

Screenhouse Disconnects

Thaw Shed Refeed


B100 Desiccant Systems

B100 Waterskid Monitor

B101 Control Room Console

B126 Electrical Utility

B156 CO2 Alarm

B156 CP21 Delta V

B156 Mass Spectrometer

B156 Labs 210-214 Elec. Mods

B156 LL23 Reconfiguration

B156 LL23 Reconfiguration

B156 Panel Upgrade

B156 Power Panel

B160 Gas Turbine Stack Light

B185 R216 Electrical Circuits

B220 CO2 Sensors

B220 Electrical Load Readings

B220 Flex Offices 2700-3700-47

B220 Lab 232-236 Elec. Reno

B220 Lab 232-236 Elec. Reno

B220 Radio Antenna

B220 Security Desk Outlet

B274 IVC Drops

B274 Zebra  Fish Lab

B295 Cooling Tower Heat Trace

B295 Steam Vault Electrical

B296 Manhole Survey

B156 Glove Box

CRU Door Security Upgrade

Manhole Investigation

Pilot GMU Installation

Warehouse Charging System


6 kW Generator

Feed Valve Electrical

Panel Upgrades

Project M Calibration Support

RTC LEL Sensor

Tank Farm Wireless

Video Balun Enclosures


100 kVA UPS Install

208 V Outlet Addition

B38 Relamping

B50 Copy Room Expansion

B50 Lightning Protection

B90 Lightning Protection

Cold Room Upgrade

Conduit Repair

Disconnect R3/R4 Reactors

Generator Electrical Distribution

Incubator Relocation

Instrumentation Tech. Support

MB7 Office Renovation

Move-Add-Change Support


New Power Outlets

New Skid Service Disconnect

Refeed Modular Furniture

Survey & Conduit Repair

Wiremold Replacement



Our Work Highlights


Gateway Center First Floor

Emergency Support Services

Hancock Tower Floor 22 Data

Monitor Installations


Cambridge Parkway Floor 8 Data

Data Shutdown Support

QC Room Data Cabling

Time Clock Cabling

WAP Cabling


Cafeteria Paging System

Conference Room Projector

D1 Access Panel Data

Decontamination Phone

Diabetes Printer Relocation

Diagnostic Imaging

Drop Installation

Emergency Department Patient Monitor

Entry Access Data

ESD Break Room

Executive Televisions

Finance Conference Suite

Ground Floor Data

Jack Repairs

Medical Records Data

NPU Fiber Optic

Nurse Station Data

PACU Recovery Cabling

Physician Services Data Adds

Radiation Therapy Televisions

S2 Security Panels

Security Office Coax

Simulation Lab

Sub-Basement Cable Replacement

Suite 520 Added Data Drops

Telemetry Data

Training Center Data

Wet Room Fiber

Wet Room Rebuild

Wireless Access Points

X-Ray Coax

X-Ray Viewing Room Data


B2 North Fiber

B518 / B533 Fiber

B88 LAN Cabling

B800 A Tower SCS

B800 C Tower SCS

B221 Second Floor Renovations

Dive Trainer

New London Towers Data Center

CSC QP Bay 4 West Trailers

Norwich Data Center

Norwich DC EOL Switch Upgrade

Command Center Data

HR Office Data


Cable Tray Installation

Fiber Line Installations

Hyde Park SCS

Innerduct Installation

Main Fiber Line

Sommerville SCS

Walpole Energy Panels

Walpole FOC Conduit

Walpole SCS

Windsor Fiber Troubleshooting


California Avenue Data & Paging

California Avenue Document Storage

California Avenue Wireless

Forbes Road SAP Printers

Forbes Road Cold Room Phone

Mountain Road VMS Cabling

Mountain Road Paging System

Mountain Road Laboratory Data

New York Avenue OSP Fiber

New York Avenue Paging Repair

New York Avenue Office Data

Staples Drive VMS Cabling

Staples Drive Floor 1 Cabling


Athletic Center Audio-Visual

Dorm Data Repairs

Friedman Center SAFS Data

Harborside Rec. Center Data

Harborside Rec Center

Parking Garage LAN & FOC

Physician Assistant Building

Smart Classroom Renovations

Time Clocks Cabling

Xavier Conference Room Data

Yena & Harborside Library Data

Yena Conference Room Data


Camera Maintenance

CCTV Cabling Repair / Replace

Emergency Telecom Support

Facilities Replacement Cameras

Fuel Forwarding Camera Repairs

Multi-Mode Fiber Installation

Security Camera 2

Security Camera 7 Troubleshooting


3.913 Cable Cleanup

ACC Registration WAO Adds

Bank Street Data Center Fiber

Beach Street Data Cabling

Beach Street Phone Outlets

Cancer Center Telecom

Catheterization Lab Telecom

CATV Backbone Installation

Cross Roads PET-CT-MRI

Data Center Patch Cord Stock

Dictation Room Telecom

ED Crisis Center Renovations

Education Center Network

Emergency Department Cabling

Engineering WAOs

General Surgery Renovation

Health Center Security Cable

Ledyard WAO Installation

Lounge Refresh

Main Campus Data Center Fiber

Main Data Center Innerduct

Main Lobby SAC

Mammography Suite Cabling

Montauk Avenue Recabling

Montauk Avenue WAOs

Morgan Building Recabling

Niantic Office Data Outlet

Pond 6 Access Control

Sleep Center WAOs

Vital Signs Monitoring

WAO Modifications

War Room Telecom Cabling

Wells Street Recabling

Wound Care Telecom


B100 SDM & IM TV Data

B100 Teledata Drops

B100 Work Area Outlets

B118 Telecom Backbone

B156 Kilo Lab Camera

B156 LL Access Control

B156 Wireless Access

B200 Conference Room Data

B200 Wireless Access

B220 Atrium A/V Upgrades

B220 DAS Reconfiguration

B230 Fiber Survey & Removal

B260 RM 1321 Data Outlet

B274 Animal Room WAO Repairs

B274 Roof Antenna

Cellular Enhancement

CS Storage Cameras

DAS Repair

Data Center Staff Augmentation

Fiber Optic Troubleshooting

Network Equipment Removals

Phone/Data Outlet Repair

Singapore Data Center Migration

T1 Demarcation Expansion

Wireless LAN Installation


900-Pair OSP Splice Inspection

Building 26 Data

Dining Hall AV Wiring

Electronic Classrooms

Emergency Camera Support

Emergency Fiber Repair

J Lot Security Camera

MIDI Lab Room 194 Cabling

OSP Copper Telephone Feeds

OSP Fiber Optic Testing

Remove/Replace Security Camera

Student Union Telecom

Vending Machines Data


Gampel Pavilion LED Lighting

Garrigus Hall Wireless Upgrades

Hillside Hall Wireless Upgrade

Telecom Room T011 Upgrade

University of Hartford

Complex D OSP

Fiber Optic Cable Repair

Fiber Pathway Verification

Hand Hole Replacement

Hillyer Single Mode Fiber

Redundant Fiber Optic Backbone

Student Union Fiber Optic


CFC Backup Center

Conference Room Projector

Emergency Support

Fluke Fiber Tester

Lab Fiber & Data Center Test

LAN Installations

Office Building Misc. Adds

Operations Bldg. Misc. Drops

Out-of-Band Management

Pittsfield Call Center

SCADA Dev. Lab Fiber

SCG Milford Speaker Install

SCO Data Additions

Scramble Room Telecom

Security Office Telecom

Shelton Data Repairs

University of Rhode Island

Move-Add-Change Support

Tyler / Rodman Fiber

Dining Services Fiber

WAP & UPS Support


AP Cable Replacement

Cafeteria Cabling

Data Adds for Cooling Units

Data Center Cable Tray

Data Center Expansion

Data Center Fiber Adds

EMC Data Center

Fiber Backbone

Freezer AP Replacement

New Help Desk Area

Patch Panel

Receiving Office Data Adds

Service Desk Renovation

Warehouse Access Points


Brookfield, CT VZW Distributed Antenna

Burlington, VT VZW Distributed Antenna

Hadley, MA VZW Distributed Antenna

Middletown, CT VZW Distributed Antenna

Norwalk, CT VZW Distributed Antenna

Old Saybrook, CT VZW Distributed Antenna

Orange, CT VZW Distributed Antenna

Pittsfield, MA VZW Distributed Antenna

Rentschler Field DAS Network

Windsor, CT VZW Distributed Antenna

Springfield, MA VZW Distributed Antenna

Springfield, CT VZW Distributed Antenna

Wallingford, CT VZW Distributed Antenna

Waterbury, CT VZW Distributed Antenna

Waterford, CT VZW Distributed Antenna

West Hartford, CT VZW Distributed Antenna