Clean Fabrication Capabilities

Since we launched our Hopkinton, RI shop in 2013, we have continuously upgraded the facility and the equipment to support the growing demand for prefabricated materials and systems. The recent addition of cleanroom space to the facility opens a new world of possibilities for our fabrication shop to support our clients.

A/Z’s fabrication capabilities have always dovetailed well with our specialty construction services. Piping, skids, and other systems fabricated in our Hopkinton, RI shop have been installed in manufacturing, lab, healthcare, and utility plant environments across the region. However, our lack of true clean fabrication capabilities had—until now— precluded us from supporting projects with CGMP and hygienic requirements.

Based on this need, we recently built out a 1,200 SF cleanroom space within the shop. The clean environment within it is made possible due to the advanced HVAC systems that we integrated. Positive pressurization keeps contaminants out of the space, and the HEPA filtration system achieves ISO 8 cleanliness (100K particles / ft.3 of air).

Our welders and mechanics are leveraging the enhanced capabilities of this new area to support a wide range of new opportunities. Based on this ongoing success, we plan to expand the cleanroom space even further in the future.