Mott Corporation Seeks to Improve Productivity Through New Renovations

Farmington, CONN.—Mott Corporation has initiated the first phase of renovations for the company’s buildings at 75 and 84 Spring Lane, which will allow for capacity increase and technological advancements.

As a high precision filtration and flow control company, Mott is trusted to deliver technological breakthroughs where none currently exist. In order to continue delivering these breakthroughs as technology advances, the company has determined that buildings 75 and 84 need to be renovated. In Building 75, renovations will be made to the existing gowning areas and clean rooms. This will include demolishing the existing walls, refurbishing the existing floor through an epoxy floor-coating system, upgrading the lighting and painting, and providing interconnection support. Three different areas will be renovated in Building 84 as well. The first phase of these renovations covers approximately 16,000 square feet.

A/Z Corporation was recently selected to provide design-build services for Mott. A/Z plans to work closely with Mott to help them reach the gold standard for high performance filtration and flow control applications through these renovations.

The project is expected to be completed in the winter of 2019. Learn more about Mott Corporation’s customized solutions at