Building the Thrill at Foxwoods

Foxwoods Resort Casino has catapulted its brand to new heights with an attraction meant for thrill seekers of a different kind. The expansion is upward, in the form of the new ten-story “Thrill Tower.”

A/Z team members supported the construction of the new ride by completing site, concrete, and electrical work. The tower is made up of the Sky Drop attraction and something called the Sky Launch. The Sky Drop chair lifts riders 120 feet into the air then lets them free fall. The Sky Launch flings riders ten stories into the sky and then drops them into a feeling of weightlessness while the riders are controlled by cables.

Diversifying business has become a growing trend among casinos, with the aim of attracting a broader range of visitors who may visit and stay for more than gaming. Foxwoods has been a regional leader in creating memorable entertainment experiences for its guests.