3M Partners with A/Z for Specialty Construction Services

We’re pleased to announce the initiation of our partnership with global manufacturing conglomerate 3M with our support on a specialty construction opportunity at the company’s Stafford Springs, CT production facility.

Like many similar facilities, this plant mitigates the release of particulates from the manufacturing process into the atmosphere with filtration systems know as baghouses. Baghouses that are well-maintained operate with a particulate collection efficiency of +99%.

3M has engaged A/Z to support the fabrication and installation of a multi-level platform surrounding one of its baghouses, which will provide 3M’s technicians with a safe and efficient means of maintaining this important equipment. A new platform and catwalk will be installed with the proper handrails, knee braces, and guardrails necessary for providing safe access and egress. Steel beams and bracing will ensure that the platform is secure and structurally sound.

Specialized and logistically challenging projects like this undertaking are areas where A/Z excels. Please refer to our specialty manufacturing portfolio for a look at the broad spectrum of work we’re executing for manufacturing leaders throughout the region.