Air Liquide Selects A/Z for QA/QC Lab

Air Liquide’s core mission is to facilitate innovation by the world’s most advanced electronic technology corporations. To achieve this, they design, manufacture, and supply the molecules and materials that help make technology smart, efficient, and powerful throughout the oil and gas, chemicals, metals, construction, food and beverage, research and analysis, electronics, and healthcare industries.

Recently, Air Liquide selected A/Z as its design-build partner to develop a new QA/QC laboratory in Mount Bethel, PA. The program focuses on the design and construction of two individual projects: an analytical laboratory and a canister cleaning area. Both fast-track projects will be designed and constructed concurrently to maximize efficiencies and achieve the schedule objectives.

The laboratory will contain classified spaces to ensure a controlled environment for material testing. This space will range from Class 100 / ISO 5 to Class 100,000 / ISO 8. The canister cleaning facility will be constructed adjacent to the analytical lab and includes a Class 1,000 / ISO 6 area. In addition, both areas will require aseptic gowning areas, substantial MEP installations, and utility rooms to support the new areas.

We are extremely excited to partner with Air Liquide on this critical project. We look forward to the outcome of the project and developing a longstanding, successful relationship.