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Our Core Competencies

Office Environments

Most businesses need to balance four major factors when creating or renovating facilities with general office environments: an effective work space, a cost-efficient environment, quality, and time to market. The office environment created not only reflects the corporation’s image, but is a key factor to employee retention, business efficiency, and employee productivity.

Corporate Headquarters

The development or renovation of a corporate headquarters begins with a business need. The project team’s responsibility is to listen and learn the corporation’s philosophy and vision prior to programming a development plan. A/Z’s ability to provide a single solution allows our clients to remain focused on their core business objectives. With the professional resources to provide complete continuity from pre-construction through commissioning, we aim to provide our clients unsurpassed service during their major facility developments.

Executive Suites

Executives suites are designed to the specific needs of a corporation’s business activities and of the executives who will reside within them. The consideration of security and business separation on both physical and digital levels is critical because these suites typically house many concurrent levels of corporate and client activities. Meetings in formal boardroom / conference environments remain free of interruption thanks to the intelligent layout and independent operation of offices, kitchens, and restrooms within the suites. In addition to the operational components, special attention is given to quality and comfort; the suite is a direct reflection of the corporation and its senior-level executives.

Operations & Call Centers

Operation centers remain one of the critical elements for sophisticated corporations to maintain business continuity and avoid operational disruption. Today’s centers must comply with national regulations, elevated security standards, and stringent engineered system redundancy. Complex audio visual displays allow operators to efficiently manage and coordinate daily operations. Every detail of these critical facilities undergoes close scrutiny, including operator ergonomics, infrastructure reliability, lighting control, and training accommodations.

Such consideration must also be given to the balance among cost, space efficiency, and durability when planning for a corporate call center. The space must remain efficient while maintaining all of the support functions for the operation, such as supervisor stations, training rooms, break areas, and employee lounges. Attention to acoustics and ergonomics are central when designing work stations; they enable staff to remain productive and available to our clients’ customers.

Employee Cafeterias

Whether building a new cafeteria or renovating and expanding an existing space, the coordination among the required utilities, kitchen equipment, and existing conditions always poses a challenge. Kitchens and serving areas need to be functional, durable, and maintainable. With the trend to separate the cafeteria services from core business functions at most corporations, cafeterias are providing a larger daily variety and higher quality product. This level of service not only aids in employee retention, but also drives business internally within the cafeteria area.

Assembly Areas & Warehousing

The ability to provide light assembly, bulk equipment, and material warehousing or regulated type warehousing / distribution can be essential to a business’ operations and growth. Whether our clients require basic warehousing or FDA-regulated storage and distribution, A/Z is prepared with our accumulated experience to create a space that will foster safe, efficient operations. This experience in design and construction is key as it not only supports the business needs, but also becomes the major contributor in evaluating cost efficiency and productivity throughout the facility.

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