Data Center Renovations

Avangrid engaged A/Z to perform its Data Center Renovation Project which primarily focuses on upgrading the technical and electrical systems. The work includes architectural modifications, new HVAC systems, clean agent fire protection systems, and power distribution systems. Additionally, the raised floor system was modified to support the new utilities and to maintain the under floor static pressure. The team also managed the procurement and installation of the backup generator, CRAC units, and HVAC equipment. The proximity of the functional data center necessitated the use of dust barriers and HEPA filtration to avoid interruptions to the facility.

Additional data center rack space (PODs) were created by converting an adjoining storage room into conditioned and energized computer room space. The electrical upgrades provide an improved separation of A side and B side power redundancy by reorganizing the A and B power from the RDCs, PDUs to the racks.

The upgrades to the data center will provide the Avangrid IT Group with additional infrastructure reliability, additional cooling and power capacity and additional rack space. All of which will allow for consolidation of IT functions to the North American Data Center.