First Phase of Eversource’s Renovated Control Center Complete

A/Z Corporation completed the first phase of renovations to Eversource’s New Hampshire-based electrical control center. The work at this operational, mission critical facility encompassed the transformation of existing space into a new, flexible Systems Operations Center.

The Systems Operations Center provides Eversource personnel with the ability to monitor the regional utility grid and respond to issues with speed and precision. The existing space was gutted to make way for eight new operator consoles; these consoles combine leading-edge technologies with ergonomics that allow operators to remain vigilant. Additionally, a large wall-mounted display board provides personnel with a bird’s eye view of their service area.

The renovations to the Systems Operations Center were executed while this sensitive and secure facility remained fully active. A/Z’s team is currently working on completing the next phase of this project, consisting of the relocation of the facility’s critical Emergency System Control Center.