Construction Management Enhanced Training Program

A/Z recently worked with Yale University to provide students from the COMET program with a tour of the ongoing Yale Baker Hall Comprehensive Renovation Project and general information about a construction industry career. The COMET (Construction Management Enhanced Training) program has developed specialized learning, targeted at careers in the Construction Management industry. COMET’s focus and mission is cultivating local talent for contractors.

The students walked through the 137,000-square-foot retrofit of the existing facility, which will be renamed as the Robert C. and Christina Baker Hall at Yale Law School. The project will support the desired “Two Buildings; One School” theming concept desired by Yale Law School. Once renovated, the four-story facility will house approximately 70 single, double, and visiting scholar living units. Student amenity spaces will be incorporated into the design to include new seminar rooms, media / study rooms, lounges, and laundry facility areas.

The exterior of the building will receive new windows, roofing, and rain gutter collection systems. The existing building’s MEP systems will be upgraded to accommodate the building use, as well as local and international building code requirements. The building exterior grounds will feature a new entrance and enhanced landscaping to increase the aesthetics of the building.