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    Groton, CT

Pfizer’s primary objective for the B230 Data Center Renovation Project was to eliminate single points of failure within the existing electrical infrastructure, thereby drastically increasing reliability and robustness. By successfully reinforcing the data center, A/Z ensured consistent power distribution for server racks and reduced risk of power failure. In order to reach this objective, a secondary UPS system was installed in conjunction with the existing unit. The new 750 kVA UPS has the capacity to provide emergency power to all of the dual corded loads in the data center. New power distribution units and remote power panels were also installed to create an “A/B” redundant power system. The project also included modifications to the existing heat exchanger to allow for maintenance of the unit without interruption to the campus network. A return air plenum was created in the facility’s ceiling space to increase air flow from the computer room air conditioners to the servers and from the servers back to the CRAC units. Plenum return collars were installed on the existing CRAC units to help support the reconfigured air flow design.