Pfizer Awards Andover Pilot Plant to A/Z

We are very excited to announce that Pfizer in Andover, MA has engaged A/Z to support its Pilot Lab Technology & Capacity Increase Project. We will be supporting this multi-million dollar design-build initiative in collaboration with our engineering partner, DPS.

Pfizer’s Andover campus is home to the company’s biopharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing operations. The project will focus on expanding these operations in order to support the company’s future strategic objectives.

Our design-build team is responsible for relocating the existing pilot lab from the second floor of an active building on the Andover campus to a vacated space on the first floor of the facility. This will require the installation of new utility and process systems without impact to the building’s existing operations. The vacated space on the second floor of the facility will be backfilled with lab and office space.

This project represents a crucial step forward for Pfizer’s research efforts, and the A/Z team is applying our extensive relevant experience in the biopharmaceutical sphere to ensure its success!