A note to say thank you to the A/Z design-build team supported on the pilot lab. The project was delivered seamlessly as committed, complimented with the A/Z’s self-perform capabilities, which saved enough money to add back scope that was value-managed out due to our budget constraints.

John Pistolese
Sr. Director, Maintenance, Site Services

With the lighting project coming to a close, I just wanted to extend our thanks to all the were involved. Craig and Joe did a exceptional job installing and coordinating each and every step with our group here in Building 38...the results of this project could not have turned out better!

Rob Petryk
Director, Warehouse & Logistics Operations

On behalf of all of senior management here at Sanofi, thank you for your participation in the recent site preparation activities for the Governor's visit. The press event and site visit are linked to key business objectives that affect the functionality and impact of our site. As such, your individual and collective efforts were key to helping meet these objectives. Thanks again for your hard work and commitment, and your dedication to Sanofi and this site.

Frank Epifano
Vice President, North America & Global Finance

On behalf of the Security team, I would like to thank you and the members of A/Z Corporation who participated in repairing the lighting around the campus recently. In my opinion, you and your team have contributed a great deal to the overall safety of the site for our visitors and employees, and I think you and your team are to be commended for your hard work.

John Kempter
Security Supervisor