Cooling District Upgrade Reaches Completion for Brown University

Located in the heart of Providence, Brown University’s campus is host to academic facilities, student centers, and grassy quads. In order to support the quality of learning found at this reputable University, the campus’ facilities and utilities are continually maintained to provide the highest level of service.

The chillers located in the Brown University’s Watson Center for Information Technology (CIT) were beyond their service life. A/Z was tasked with coordinating the upgrade and modernization of these systems to improve the functionality of the MacMillan Cooling District as a centralized chilled water system. These upgrades would also benefit the Watson CIT Data Center itself, providing reliable and sustainable service from the centralized cooling system while promoting energy efficiency.

The project was coordinated closely with Brown University and the City of Providence to ensure that the major upgrades to the system did not impact the year-round operations of the campus and the surrounding urban community. The successfully upgraded chiller systems are now a key to future campus improvement plans.