Submarine Base to Integrate Fuel Cell Power

FuelCell Energy and A/Z will be implementing a source of clean, reliable energy at the U.S. Naval Submarine Base in Groton, CT.

We are excited to announce our selection as FuelCell Energy’s (FCE) partner in the design and installation of a fuel cell power plant at the U.S. Navy’s submarine base in Groton. A/Z and FCE have partnered on numerous fuel cell installations in the past, including the largest of its kind in North America at the time. This latest engagement will allow our firms to leverage our interrelationships and expertise with the technology deliver an efficient solution.

The fuel cell power plant at the sub base will be comprised of two of FCE’s SureSource 4000™ units to produce 3.7 MW of power for a total clean-energy output of 7.4 MW. The units feature a industry-leading energy efficiency level while producing virtually no pollution during the energy generation process. The project team has conducted a highly collaborative design and planning process to-date, an atmosphere that is now being carried forward into the construction phase.

For more information on our experience with fuel cell power and other distributed generation solutions, check out our Utilities & Distributed Generation market page.