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    Construction Management, Self-Perform
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    Framingham, MA

Genzyme and A/Z teamed up to incorporate the utilization of single-use disposables (SUD) into the 31 NYA R&D environment. The approximately 40,000 sf, 2-story facility was redesigned and reconfigured into a new Biologics Process Development Facility (BPDF) to accommodate this state-of-the-art manufacturing process. With support from DPS Engineering, the project team was responsible for performing base building architectural modifications, utility reconfigurations, and installation of utilities to support the new use of the building. These renovations resulted in a pilot plant that features 50-liter and 500-liter single-use bioreactors (SUB), a periodic counter-current (PCC) chromatography skid, and the associated supporting equipment; media and buffer tanks.