Our Core Competencies

Administrative & Office Environments

Most businesses need to balance four major factors when creating or renovating facilities with general office environments: an effective work space, a cost-efficient environment, quality, and time to market. The office environment created not only reflects the business’ image, but is a key factor to employee retention, business efficiency, and employee productivity. A/Z has supported a wide range of office initiatives for businesses in every industry that include new construction, logistically challenging renovations in active facilities, and highly efficient consolidation efforts. Our goal is to understand the culture and long-term goals of our clients in order to mutually develop effective solutions to their needs.

Conference & Training Areas

There are many important considerations behind the most functional conference and training spaces. The design and construction of these areas must provide various user groups with the flexibility to support a wide range of meeting formats. State-of-the-art audio-visual systems are central to captivating presentations, and the latest teleconferencing solutions allow teams to seamlessly connect and interact with colleagues throughout the world. Acoustics and sound attenuation are also vital factors for creating distraction-free environments both within and around these areas.

Assembly Areas & Auditoriums

Areas that are designed to bring people together, whether in office environments or on university campuses, are complex facilities that require the experience to build, maintain, and renovate. The first step in supporting the growth or upkeep of auditorium-based facilities such as large conference space, lecture halls, and theater departments is understanding their current and future uses. With a collaborative approach, our teams can maximize the comfort and usability of these facilities while integrating energy-efficient building systems and state-of-the-art audio-visual systems.

Student Centers

Modern student centers serve as a hub for academic and social activities, and the varying size and uses for these facilities understanding the objectives for them essential to the success of projects. From ground-up construction to renovations of any scale, our teams are committed to working with our clients to provide student centers that offer the flexibility and usability to make them cores of student life and interaction. The integration of contemporary design features and furnishings, efficient energy systems, durable finishes, and the latest technological amenities are only limited to the imagination and goals of our university and college clients.

Science & Research

The most functional and useful science and research laboratory facilities must present their users with the highest levels of safety and adaptability. For decades, A/Z has worked with industry leaders to build and maintain their cutting-edge laboratories, and we are effectively leveraging our expertise in this field in order to support a variety of needs. These include the installation of basic components like casework and MEP systems to high-performance fume hoods, bio-safety cabinets, and hazardous materials storage. We have worked in environments up to Bio-Safety Level 4 (BSL-4) and we are highly familiar with supporting the installation of specialty equipment like mass spectrometers, linear accelerators, chromatography equipment, and incubators.


The renovation of historical buildings present some of the most unique challenges, and we are proud to have supported the preservation of numerous facilities with one-of-a-kind architecture and craftsmanship. Renovation projects in this area may range from the restoration of individual building components to their original glory to modernizing building systems like electrical and fire protection while protecting their unique historical features. Additionally, we are highly experienced in managing safe and comprehensively documented hazardous material remediation efforts. A/Z shares the commitment of our clients to preserving these treasures with carefully orchestrated solutions.

Our Work Highlights